Best Companies Group conducts a simple yet thorough company assessment designed to gather detailed information about your workplace. Employers will complete an in-depth questionnaire and employees will have the opportunity to offer their honest feedback by taking part in a company-wide survey. Both portions of the assessment must be complete in order to be considered for the “best” list.

Once both portions of the assessment are complete, we’ll analyze the data to determine if your organization has what it takes to be the “best.” From there, we’ll use the data to rank each participating organization and compile your the Employee Feedback Report. That report will include responses from your employee surveys as well as benchmarking reports, allowing you to compare your organization to the current list-makers.

Employee Feedback Reports

As part of your participation in the program, you'll receive a comprehensive Employee Feedback Report, which is arguably the most valuable aspect of participation.

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Benchmark Reports

Use benchmark reports to compare your organization to your peers. Including employee and employer data, not only are benchmark reports available for the Best Employers in Maryland, but also for regions and industries across the globe.

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Advanced Reporting

Because your employee feedback is critical to the success of your organization, we offer a suite of advanced reporting, as well as custom reporting. Learn about the advanced reports available for purchase.

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How to Read Reports

Whether you're watching videos, downloading tips, or scheduling time with our team, this is the place to go to get the most out of your reporting package.

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